Exceed B2B customer expectations

Create memorable B2B experiences with B2C features.

Exceed B2B shopper expectations to scale faster

Research shows B2B shoppers get 57 per cent of the way through a new purchase before reaching out. Meanwhile, an overwhelming 93 per cent of B2B shoppers prefer to buy online. Avenue makes exceeding B2B customer expectations easier by presenting them with all of the B2C features they’ve come to expect.

Volume purchasing and bulk discounts

B2B shoppers usually buy products in bulk and while your products can be listed as cases, packs or pallets, you may still want to offer additional discount tiers based on the total quantity ordered. Avenue includes a way to accommodate quantity thresholds that allows you to offer bulk discounts.

Wholesale bulk order forms

Bulk order forms enhance the overall shopping experience by adding a simple, intuitive way to place large orders on your website. Users have the ability to input SKU or part numbers and designate the quantity they’re looking for with each product. The process redirects your shopper directly to the checkout after adding all of the items to the cart at once. This functionality is vital for B2B customers looking to place large orders.

Flexible payment options

Nothing dictates your businesses success more than your ability to get paid on time, every time. In the B2B world, existing relationships are in place and not every business order can or should be processed online. Avenue offers payment options such as charge to account and facilitates invoice payments based on account terms. Our robust platform arms you with the tools you need to easily accommodate the needs of your most important B2B clients.

Including or excluding GST

As a B2B seller, you may need to set-up specific products, customers or customer groups with including or excluding GST pricing. Avenue has the tools to ensure the pricing you display is accurate for specific customers.

Restricted access

In some instances, you may need to restrict access to your website, allowing only pre-registered clients to view products and content. Avenue has built-in functionality to set up an entire password-protected website. All customers have to do is register before accessing the site. Merchants are also able to control their site’s visibility so that they can hide products and pricing or even block purchases for unregistered visitors.